The Rapid Mortgage Paydown Strategy™ (RAMPS)™

The Rapid Mortgage Paydown Strategy™ (RAMPS)™


Own your home faster - pay off your morgage early with strategies using the equity in your home to pay down or pay off your existing mortgage quickly and efficiently.



 In 2006, The Tax Management Centre introduced the Rapid Mortgage Paydown Strategy™ (RAMPS™) to its clients. Since that time The Tax Management Centre has helped families accelerate their mortgage payments. This unique investment strategy allows clients to put their home equity to work and pay off existing mortgages, in some cases, in less than half the regular amortization period. RAMPS™ is an eight-step process that starts with determining the market value of your home, arranging for a secured line of credit, which is used to purchase of a tax efficient, medium risk monthly income mutual fund. 

Call or e-mail us to book an appointment to discuss if you qualify for RAMPS™ and if the risk tolerance associated with this strategy is compatible to your investment objectives.