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The first step to increasing net worth is through a financial plan. This starting point will provide you with ways to save money, pay down debt, and allow assets to appreciate so you can begin the process of solidifying a financial future.

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At The Tax Management Centre, it’s our team of professional and knowledgeable people that make the difference. We’re friendly, we’re responsive, we understand, and we care about your financial future! Contact us today to discover all the things we can do for you!

BOX1 -Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax Planning and Preparation

Our services go beyond the numbers. In addition to being a one-stop shop for personal and corporate income tax returns, we will review your past tax history and offer options to lower taxes in advance of the tax filing date. Our ultimate goal is to help you save tax dollars.  

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BOX3 - Investment Services

Investment Services

We offer a comprehensive list of investment products to match your goals, financial objectives, and investment style.   Our knowledgeable staff will help you plan your financial future using the best available options.

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TMC News

Canfin Financial Group has permitted the use of the business name The Tax Management Centre in conjunction with the legal name of Canfin to conduct mutual fund related business on behalf of Canfin.