Mutual Funds and Insurance

Mutual Funds and Insurance

Do you have your assets covered?

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The Tax Management Centre offers a comprehensive selection of product available from over 30 mutual fund companies to match your investment goals and risk tolerance.

As each mutual fund is managed by professional money managers, the staff of The Tax Management Centre takes advantage of every speaking engagement and seminar offered by the various fund companies to learn first-hand how the fund managers track the markets, analyze investments, and implement a consistent investment strategy.   By understanding how the investment decisions are made, and the mix within the various funds, The Tax Management Centre mutual fund licensed staff will help you select one or more funds that will help you meet your personal investment needs.

Whether your investment style is conservative to very aggressive, we can help you meet your investment goals.


Most would agree, insurance provides peace of mind. Whether it’s for the protection of assets, the security of the family, or strategic planning for business and employees, The Tax Management Centre has a complete range of insurance products to meet every insurance need.

Segregated Funds

A segregated fund is an investment fund held within an insurance contract. The term “segregated” refers to the fact that the investment is separated from the general assets of the insurance company. A segregated fund is a mutual fund with the added layer of protection offered by the life insurance company. 

Segregated funds can have up to a 100% death benefit guarantee and a 100% maturity guarantee on the 10-year maturity. One can also name a beneficiary on a segregated fund, thereby by-passing probate - an excellent strategy for non-registered investments.

Term Life

A term life insurance policy provides a stated benefit upon the holder’s death, provided that the death occurs within a certain specified time period. Most term policies are for 10 or 20 year periods. However, the policy does not provide any returns beyond the stated benefit unless one renews at the guaranteed renewal premium, which can be considerably higher than the original premium. Term life policies are an excellent strategy for young families, provided the policy has guaranteed renewal premiums and the option to convert to Universal Life. 

Universal Life

Universal Life (UL) combines both insurance coverage and an opportunity to invest in a “tax-sheltered” investment environment. In Canada, UL insurance is the only vehicle outside RRSPs where you can accumulate money on a tax-sheltered basis. The difference however, is at death, UL is paid out totally tax free compared to RRSPs which are fully taxable at death. Premiums are paid with “after tax” dollars, therefore are not tax deductible. UL policies can be an excellent estate planning vehicle.

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance is medical insurance that pays a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis of a critical illness or condition. A critical illness insurance payout helps you avoid the financial strain a major illness can create so you can focus on your recovery.


Disability insurance is designed to provide money in place of earnings lost when a person is unable to work for a long period due to a health problem. Disability insurance may be provided by the Canada Pension Plan, or included in employer-provided insurance packages, or one can purchase disability insurance individually.

Group Health and Dental

If you are not covered under a group insurance plan with your employer, we can arrange for you to a have private health and dental insurance at affordable prices.